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Outdoor LED Lighting Solutions for Businesses

The right choice of commercial outdoor led lighting fixtures can provide astonishing long-term financial and business benefits.

Energy-Efficient Outdoor LED Lighting Flood Fixtures

Industrial and commercial outdoor light fixtures must be durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions. At the same time, they must meet the illumination and economic performance requirements specific to outdoor settings and specific industries.

Legacy commercial outdoor led lighting fixtures are inherently wasteful. Consequently, businesses with large outdoor areas to illuminate are finding it financially challenging to run their lights. Yet, they need to power their exterior lights if they want to enhance their location’s curb appeal. In addition, led outdoor parking lot lights are essential to ensuring the safety and security of their premises.

Exterior lighting

We Have Industry-Specific Experience

exterior lighting

LED technology is powerful enough to handle the toughest applications. Thus, it has been gaining increasing popularity as a more efficient replacement for existing exterior lighting solutions. We’ve been servicing industrial and commercial outdoor lighting systems for over three decades. Subsequently, Tetrus boasts unmatched industry-specific experience.

Furthermore, we have serviced outdoor pole lights across a variety of industries. As a result, we have garnered trade-specific expertise in commercial and industrial outdoor lighting. For instance, our client portfolio includes car dealerships, fast-food restaurants, shopping malls, and gas stations. Moreover, we have worked with hospitals, hotels, prisons, sports stadiums, municipalities, government facilities, ports, and airports among others.

Exterior Lighting Solution- Best Outdoor LED Lights

While outdoor LED lighting is intrinsically more energy efficient than all other lighting technologies, not all LEDs are created equal. For example, many companies display hundreds of outdoor commercial lighting fixtures on their websites. Exterior lights may include parking lot lights, security wall lights, stadium lights, high mast lights, canopy lights, or flood lights. Also, the wattage range is impressive. But which is the right fit for YOUR business? As your trusted adviser, we provide you with criteria to guide you when you choose LED exterior lighting fixtures:


Industrial-grade Quality

Outdoor light fixtures must have industrial-grade durability as far as moisture and dust penetration, and impact and vibration resistance. However, as IES members, we understand the importance of going beyond regulatory compliance. Thus, our LED fixtures for commercial outdoor areas are ocean-proof and sledgehammer-tough. Moreover, they continue to glow despite the harshest weather conditions, vandals, or criminals frustrated by well-lit areas.


Low Maintenance

To achieve low maintenance, the lighting component inside the outdoor lighting fixture must have a long service life BEFORE the quality of light begins to deteriorate with wear and aging. Thus, all of our fixtures consist of several of the same 50W LED modules that can be quickly replaced independently. Additionally, the same applies to the LED driver and the wiring harness. In contrast, the industry offers fixtures that are not designed to be serviced. Thus, there are no parts available anyway and, when parts are available, the fixture is not accessible.


Energy Efficiency

LED lighting is intrinsically more energy efficient than conventional lighting. However, we have made it our mission to provide the highest lumen output for LED outdoor lighting fixtures. To complement our high lumen output, we come with a serviceable, modular, standardized fixture design. As a result, our innovative LED outdoor fixtures reduce maintenance costs to a minimum so that you enjoy long-term savings.



Most LED exterior lighting fixtures are impenetrable and, therefore, impossible to service. Thus, they are more expensive in the long term. In other words, you need replace them completely when something goes wrong after the warranty expires. Moreover, you can’t get in touch with the manufacturer’s warranty department inside the warranty. In contrast, our fixtures were built to be serviced so that you never have to replace them again. And, we always answer the phone!

Personalized Outdoor Light Fixtures from Tetrus

The existing business model in the LED lighting industry is that you buy the fixture from a supplier through an electrician. After, the manufacturer is in charge of covering the warranty. Then, you are referred to a contractor or you must find your own contractor for installation. The servicing part is completely left out of the equation because they promise LEDs never fail. Nevertheless, you will soon find out that LEDs do fail; not as quickly as typical HID lights, but they do fail. But other companies’ fixtures are not serviceable so what do you do after the warranty expires?

With Tetrus, you get it all under one roof because we handle everything ourselves. Our company doesn’t pass blame or delegate. We design, manufacture, sell, install, service, warranty, and finance our lights if you want to. If you are ready to replace your legacy lighting with state-of-the-art LED outdoor lighting fixtures, schedule a meeting or give us a call today! If want to learn more about commercial grade outdoor lighting fixtures for your specific industry and business, you can always request more data!

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