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Commercial Industrial Lighting – LED Solutions

We are your LED retrofitting experts for commercial and industrial lighting fixtures. Our paramount desire is to understand your lighting difficulties and produce the most appropriate solution.

Commercial Industrial Lighting

The cost of powering the LED Commercial Industrial Lighting represents a large portion of their operating expenses. What is the primary cause of this gigantic power consumption?

Since most such buildings are equipped with conventional lighting fixtures, they completely fail to meet essential illumination performance requirements. In addition, they generate huge energy and maintenance bills.

Today, LED technology is changing the face of commercial and industrial lighting.

LED Commercial Lighting
You couldn’t have chosen a better time to make the transition to a more efficient lighting solution for your business. If you are seeking a trusted adviser, we’re here to guide you so that you get exactly what you need. As a result, our commercial and industrial lighting solution will suit your illumination and economic performance needs!

LED Lighting Products: The Future of Commercial Industrial Lighting

Our LED industrial and commercial lighting fixtures are ideal if you want to give your business a competitive edge. Since you’ll be reducing energy costs, you’ll be able to redirect your resources to your business’ most coveted areas.

LED technology has made unbelievable advancements over the recent years. Consequently, the bulky, wasteful legacy industrial lighting fixtures look antediluvian.

Thus, your conversion to commercial and industrial light fixtures is a strategic business move. In addition, we can support your decision with real case studies performed on a business just like yours.

Commercial and Industrial LED Lighting: More Energy and Cost-Efficient Approach

With Tetrus commercial led lighting, the savings are so significant that you can literally finance your retrofitting with the energy cost savings you realize as a result. Retrofitting your legacy industrial lights to our ultra-efficient LEDs can reduce your existing energy costs by as much as 90%. Certainly, the exact amount you can save depends on the specifics of your facility. Here is why our LEDs are better energy and cost savers:

Highest lumen output. Our LEDs have the highest lumen output among all existing lighting technologies, including other LEDs. Hence, the efficacy of our LEDs is 25-60% higher than that which is achieved by competing LEDs.

Patented light distribution. We’ve turned the targeted light emission of the LED technology into an even higher measure of foot candles (useful lumens). To explain, we have developed multi-patented light distribution patterns. In terms of lighting output, you get the most light emitted in the desired target area. In terms of business, you don’t pay to light the street or your neighbor’s business.

Longer lifespan via a serviceable design. LED technology is associated with lower maintenance costs. Specifically, it’s all because LEDs’ useful service life is 4 to 40 times longer than that of legacy lighting. Therefore, we’ve made our fixtures serviceable and standardized, so they have the longest lifespan in the industry.

Lowest Maintenance Costs via Serviceable Standardized Modular Design

Our difference: longer service life for our commercial and industrial LED lighting fixtures, improved product guarantee, significantly reduced maintenance expenses! In spite of the amazing attributes of LED, most LED fixtures are not serviceable. Consequently, when something goes wrong with a component inside the fixture, you need to buy and replace the whole fixture. Why? Because the fixture was never supposed to be serviced.

Most important, none of the parts is available, be it LED driver, light component, or wire harness. And, you may not even be able to get inside the fixture or get in touch with the manufacturer. Also, when you get inside the fixture, your electrician can’t put it back together without damaging it. Here is how we are different:

Serviceable design. We’ve developed a fixture that allows any electrician to gain quick access inside. As a result, they can replace the defective part and put it back together without damaging it. Why? Because we’ve purposefully built our fixtures to be serviced.

Modular LED component. The light component consists of several 50W LED modules that are completely independent. So, our fixture will continue to glow even when one of the modules goes out.

Standardized parts. All parts are standardized across all of our fixtures, irrespective of wattage.

Superior Quality via Industrial-grade Durability and End-to-End Service

We seek to offer our customers products that feature industrial-grade quality. However, our products do not feature the additional expense associated with industrial-grade products.  Here is why our industrial and commercial outdoor lighting products are the best:

The best light distribution. Tetrus holds several patents for light distribution patterns so that you only pay for the light you use and need. Thus, the amount of light that hits the target area is likely to be much higher for a given power rating than it will be with virtually any other light. In other words, the area you care about will get all the light!

Industrial-grade durability without industrial pricing. Our LED lighting fixtures are sledge-hammer-tough and ocean-proof. Hence, they exceed the highest standards of quality and regulation compliance throughout! Therefore, our fixtures exceed standards for moisture and dust penetration, impact, vibration, shock resistance.

Premium top-to-bottom service. We believe that the highly competitive environment of the commercial and industrial arenas calls for long-term relationships based on trust. To this end, we want to be your light-time partner for all your lighting needs. From design to manufacture, installation, warranty, and service, we do everything ourselves. Moreover, we finance your retrofitting project if you want to!

The Bottom Line: Different Settings Call for Different Lights

We deliver personalized industrial and commercial lighting solutions to suit YOUR specific illumination needs. 

LED commercial Lighting
Industrial lighting fixtures are generally found in manufacturing facilities, warehouses, refineries, mines, ports, or chemical plants. In contrast, commercial light fixtures equip all non-manufacturing facilities. For instance, location types may include car dealerships, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, schools, banks, streets, etc.

All these settings are different and have different illumination requirements. Thus, a car dealership owner may care about curb appeal and the safety and security of his parking lot. However, a manufacturing facility operator will be more focused on facility safety and employee productivity and visual comfort. Consequently, different settings call for different lights!

We can equip you with the right lights in the right place if you help us understand your business and industry. If you are looking to replace your legacy commercial lighting fixtures or industrial lighting fixtures with LEDs, schedule a meeting with a lighting specialist! Or, request more data about LED lighting fixtures for YOUR commercial and industrial application!