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At Tetrus, we want to be your Partner for a Light Time because we don’t want you to go through this process ever again. We have been a Trusted Adviser to some of the largest (and smallest) companies in America for over 30 years.

The TETRUS Difference in LED Partner Pledge

We have been in the outdoor commercial-grade lighting business for over 30 years. We have many patents issued and pending for lighting and are members of the Illuminating Engineering Society that determines codes and standards for lighting used across the globe. With that said, we are not in the business of selling light fixtures; our goal is to become Your LED Partner for a Light-Time.

Your LED Partner for a Light-Time

From the first call to ten years after the sale, we will be here, helping you today, tomorrow, and for as long as lights shine above your business. You don’t have to worry about it and can go back to doing YOUR business. We have been doing just that for over 30 years with some of the largest (and smallest!) companies in America. We will always take care of you!

We Are a People Company with One Focus: Our Customers

Reliable ‘real human beings’ staff our Tetrus Service Hotline. From beginning to end, the Tetrus company is responsible for everything. From design to manufacturing to installation to warranty – even financing if you want it. You will never hear ‘it’s someone else’s responsibility’ from Tetrus. We employ licensed electricians with decades of hands on lighting experience.

We do not repair home ceiling fans or run residential electric. However, we DO design and manufacture the best outdoor LED lighting fixtures money can buy. Our journeymen electricians install and service them across the United States, which is critically important when they are over your customers’ heads. We always answer your call and will always call you back. We will take care of you!

Not all LED lights, or the companies who offer them, are the same. The best time to discover the difference is BEFORE making a decision. Search the web as long as you like, you won’t find outdoor or commercial grade LEDs or a company like ours anywhere else. Tetrus and our products are different. That difference is summed up in our:

1. We Don’t Sell EELs

Our Competitors Sell LED Fixtures that Are Engineered End-of-Life

Typical outdoor and commercial-grade LED fixtures have integrated parts with the promise of a long life. The dirty little secret is that once the LEDs go bad you will have to replace the WHOLE FIXTURE. They are simply not serviceable. Whether it is at year one or three or five, the competition’s LEDs will fail – just like everything else. WHEN their LEDs fail you will first have to track down that manufacturer and, if you are lucky, they are still in business (and actually return your calls). Then, if it’s under warranty (and IF you can prove it), you must ship it back to them so THEY can determine if the fixture is bad.

If they take responsibility, it can take weeks or months and frequently longer for the replacement fixture to arrive. If it’s not under warranty, or the manufacturer has disappeared, well, good luck! You have to buy a new one. All because their LED’s are not serviceable and are designed to be Engineered End of Life. The competition wants you to go through this entire process again, and the whole cost again, every 3 years or 5 years or whatever their pitch is today. If you have to replace all your fixtures every 5 years, the energy savings you were sold ARE a lie. Don’t get shocked by an EEL!

Tetrus’ One-of-a-Kind LEDs are Engineered-FOR-Life

The Tetrus LEDs are modular. They are Engineered FOR Life. If a Tetrus LED module goes out, you simply have to replace the part – not the entire fixture. Very much like just replacing a bulb. Our national network of Service Techs always has Tetrus parts in stock or if you prefer we can quickly ship one to you. You can even keep a few in stock just as a comfort.

You Will Never Have to Go through This Process Again

So, three years or five years or ten years from now, there’s no need to replace a whole fixture or a whole location worth of fixtures. Tetrus fixtures are Engineered For Life. You get tremendous energy savings, beautiful light, and never have to go through this process again.

2. TETRUS & You: Cash Flow Positive Day One

Bold Statement? Sure it is. At Tetrus, we only focus on outdoor and commercial-grade LED lighting and no one, we mean no one, builds them better. In this segment of lighting, where we have 30 years of expertise, we are your ONLY top-to-bottom vertical supplier – you are buying direct from the manufacturer and we finance and install if you like.

Money Spent on Absolutely Nothing is Pure Waste

Right now, if you run a facility that lights a large or commercial grade environment, you are likely using Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium lamps. You are spending about 90% more on your energy than you need to. You are, quite literally, giving your money away to the power company. You might as well burn it. And its not just a little money, it is a lot of money. The average new car dealer or hospital or shopping center wastes about $1,500 to $4,000 EVERY MONTH on outdated lighting technology, A technology that hasn’t really changed in 50 years.

This waste is not hocus-pocus or funny numbers. It is simple math and we can easily show you your savings and numbers specifically for your site. In plain English, stop giving YOUR money to the power company and start giving it to your family, your employees, your shareholders or whoever you see fit. $1000 of dollars a month and, in the case of chains, tens of $1000’s a month.

Ultra-Efficient Tetrus LED Fixtures Pay for Themselves – Now

Our ultra-efficient Tetrus LEDs can reduce costs – real, hard dollars – by 90% with as much as 65% more light! Tetrus LED fixtures offer Industry-Best Technology and that converts into real dollars – and a lot of them – going to you and not the power company. An average location can save tens of thousands of dollars a year. With Tetrus Cash Flow Financing those savings can – very quickly – pay for the fixtures themselves.

Imagine that! Much more light and visibility! Much better light and security! Light paid for by simply not giving your money to the power company. And, once the saving pays for itself, the money is all yours. Of course, how much you save depends on the size of the lot, number and variety of lights, but, no matter what the number or configuration, you’ll be saving plenty. All while having a safer and more beautiful location.

Tetrus Affordable Cash-Flow Financing

We not only provide extraordinary service after-the-sale but we’re there before-the-sale with creative, custom financing plans built around the cash flow of your business. Like we said, we are your vertical top-to-bottom LED partner. Combined with the money you save on electricity and maintenance this can create – quite literally – a Cash Flow Positive Day One deal.

Since we can reduce your monthly power costs so dramatically AND finance the job, the monthly savings can literally make the payments for you. We’ll say it again – literally. If you chose not to finance, the savings creates an ROI that can pay you back in as little as 14 months. After that, the money is all yours!

3. Better Stronger Faster

All LEDs Are NOT Created Equal. If you could buy a better, stronger, faster light fixture for the same price, why wouldn’t you?

More Lumens per Watt

TETRUS LED fixtures offer Industry Best Technology that delivers more lumens per watt, with about 35-65% percent more lumens for the same price! This gives you far more light per fixture and creates even greater electrical savings. Why does that matter? Because lumens per watt equals money paid monthly for light. The higher the lumens the less your monthly costs will be. If you could buy a more efficient light fixture for the same price, why wouldn’t you?


The overall Tetrus LED fixture is super tough. Tough enough to withstand blows over and over from a sledgehammer. Blows that would smash conventional lights and other LEDs to smithereens. Why does that matter? Because criminals do not like a well-lit area so they will do what criminals do. Tetrus fixtures are tested tough. If you could buy a stronger light fixture for the same price, why wouldn’t you?

Weather Resistant? How about Ocean Proof?

UL safety regulations require exterior commercial lighting fixtures to comply with specific water-resistance standards. Tetrus far, far exceeds those standards. You could (and we do) literally submerge Tetrus lights underwater and they still shine. Why does that matter? Storms, Nor’easters and horizontal rain destroy standard LED fixtures because they are not built to the same standards as Tetrus. After 30 years of servicing outdoor and commercial grade lights we know how important that is. If you could buy a more water-proof light fixture for the same price, why wouldn’t you?

Superior Light Distribution

What good are lumens or foot candles for if they are shining on your neighbor’s location, on the street or, worse, up into the sky. With Tetrus multi-patented light distribution, the energy you’re paying for results in light where you want it. Light distribution so well placed you can literally see the line where the energy you are paying for lights your property but not the highway in front of it. Why does that matter? It’s your money, light only your property. If you could buy a light fixture with better light distribution for the same price, why wouldn’t you?


Ok, fine, faster is hard to do with a light fixture. BUT, when – and it will happen one day – a fixture goes out, no one, and we mean no one, will get it resolved faster. Imagine a light going out and, then, waiting for the competition to get around to sending you an entire fixture! No need with Tetrus. Just swap out a module and all’s well once again. Ok, hopefully “faster” works, kinda, a little bit faster for you.

4. Make Your Location and Reputation Shine

We’re not here to just sell you lights. We want to make your business shine, and you shine in the process. To save you money. To be here for you so you can tend to YOUR business without having to give a second thought to your lights ever again.

Shining Over and Looking out for You and Your Business – Now

At Tetrus we’re providing an uplifting new look for your business that’s so brilliant, so dynamic, that you might not want to wait for the sun to go down. During the day, the playing field is too level, the darn sun shines the same on everyone. But when the sun goes down, your lights come on and boom!  You’re the star of the street, the star of your location and the star of your business. Tetrus is the partner who helped make it that way and will help to keep it that way.

The brighter the light, the better the presentation. The brighter the light, the more your location stands out from all the others. With Tetrus LED’s, the presentation of your business will be light years better than your competitors while, at the same time, you’ll save up to 90% on both electric and maintenance costs.

Shining over and Looking out for You  and Your Business – After the Sale

We will also be here after the sale to make sure that star doesn’t dim a few years or a decade from now. Before or after the warranty your lights will shine. Problem? Call Tetrus! A real human being will answer. Need help after the warranty? We’re just a phone call away with easy to install parts so your location will never go dim. Not now, not 5 years from now, not 10, not ever.

Shining over and Looking out for You  and Your Business – Way After the Sale

As future LED advancements or money saving improvements come to light, we let you know about them and how we can incorporate them into your EXISTING fixtures. At Tetrus we never rest on our LED laurels. We’re constantly searching for newer, brighter, tougher and more cost-efficient ways to make your business the star of your street and you – the star of your business. When that technology comes, guess what, we can incorporate it into your existing fixtures. Technology will improve in 10 years. With Tetrus in ten years you won’t need new fixtures, like you would need from the other guys; just simple, cost effective upgrades.

5. A Real Warranty from a Real Company that Will Provide You with Real Support for As Long as You Own Your Location

We have been in business for over 30 years and stand behind our warranties. Good luck calling the other guy for a warranty. Sure, their sales department is fully staffed, but the warranty department? Non-existent or not available. Go ahead and try, ask for the warranty department – we’ll wait… No answer? No return phone call? No reasonable communication even if someone does answer? We know. That equals no warranty. You don’t have time to be on hold, to call back 4 and 5 times because no one gets back to you, etc. Now call us! We answer the phone. We are responsible for the warranty, now and in the future, just like we have been for 30 years. We keep our customers and they in turn tell their friends, who tell their friends. This is how Tetrus grows and prospers.

Practical Application of Why a Better Designed Product is Easy to Warranty

The Competition

There’s a reason most LED lighting companies can’t and won’t honor their warranty no matter how long they say it’s for. It’s simply not cost effective to do so and they don’t need to because you won’t be buying from them again – retrofits and new construction are usually a one-time deal. When they have to replace the whole fixture, there is significant cost to produce and ship the whole fixture. Its easier to simply make it difficult to get your warranty by asking for serial numbers or copies of receipts, not answering the phone, or simply disappearing.  By the way, most people don’t have a receipt because their electrician or supplier purchased the fixtures, which leaves the end user out in the cold. Pretty dirty tricks, huh?

There is a whopping cost difference between the total cost of replacing a whole fixture versus just a Tetrus module. We engineered Tetrus fixtures to be serviceable. All LED’s will eventually go out. Simply replace a Tetrus module and you’re back in business. Our techs have them on their trucks. Or, if you want one yourself, we can ship it to you. Simple and fast! And, it’s completely cost effective for Tetrus to easily – and long term – honor our warranty. Most importantly – easy and cost effective to keep YOUR lights running for years and decades after your warranty ends. That’s just the first thing.

The Industry

The LED industry as well as many other industries keep themselves flush with “Engineered End of Life” turnover cash. This is what the industry waits for AFTER the competitions’ warranty period ends. After the competition has made the sale, the industry’s aim is to get you to buy all new fixtures once the warranty period ends or when you can’t get the warranty fulfilled. If one iteration of a company or division or model comes and goes then the LED industry continues to have a gravy train of sales every 3 to 5 years.

Now Comes Tetrus

Tetrus is a different product and different company. Our fixtures are built to be serviced. Because we have been servicing outdoor lighting fixtures for 30 years we knew we wanted to build something that brought long-term value to our customers. Because we believe in long-term relationships, we could never produce a product that would fail our customers in 1, 3 or 5 years. YOU HAVE NO MONEY SAVINGS IF YOU HAVE TO RE-BUY THE FIXTURES. So we designed them to be bulletproof AND serviceable. They are built to stay lit and be serviceable during and AFTER the warranty. Once you install one of our fixtures, Tetrus wants you to never have to replace that fixture again. Moreover, we want to be sure that you never have to go through this entire process again.

Tetrus is a US Company That Designs, Manufactures and Warranties – In The United States

For as long as your Tetrus LED’s shine over your business we’ll be there to serve you when needed and help you save even more. You won’t have to track us down when others disappear. One year from now, or three, or five or ten. When you pick up the phone to call Tetrus, a real person in the United States will answer – 24/7 just as we’ve done for 30 years. We realize how hard-to-believe that sounds but it’s true.  It’s all part of our LED Partners for a Light Time Pledge. For as long as Tetrus LED’s are shining on your lot, we’ve got your back. We have been here for 30 years and we’ll be here long after the others guys have come and gone. We will be here – always – to help you, our customers. That is our Pledge for a Light-Time!