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LED Canopy Lighting for Your Business – Illuminate with Efficiency

The right choice of canopy lights can turn your business into a branded landmark

LED Canopy Lighting Solutions for Optimal Efficiency

Our LED canopy lights can save you up to 90% on energy bills. At the same time, it transforms your business into a branded landmark. As a result, it invites drivers to relax and refresh by conferring a sense of safety, security, cleanliness, and transparency.

High-grade LED canopy lights boost curb appeal, drive brand loyalty, and enhance reputation for a wide-range of businesses, such as gas stations, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, etc.

Burdened by a multitude of drawbacks, the reign of HID canopy lights is coming to an end. Thus, more and more companies are transitioning to LED lighting due to its enhanced light performance and energy saving attributes.

LED Canopy Lights

TETRUS Ultimate Canopy Lighting Solution

Our canopy lights will save you more energy than other LED canopy lights due to their high lumen output. Also, our standardized modular design that affords unmatched serviceability and minimum maintenance costs. Our canopy lighting solutions are designed based on three decades of experience in the commercial outdoor and industrial lighting arena. Here is why Tetrus can equip your business with the ultimate canopy lighting solutions:


The Best LED Canopy Lights on the Market

Our LEDs provide the best lumen output relative to wattage on the market. And, we propose the best lighting layout for your facility based on cutting-edge photometric analysis. Thus, photometric data allows you to get the best luminous efficiency and confirms compliance with requisite standards. Moreover, it boosts aesthetic appearance, reduces energy use, and affords the best ROI.


Industrial-grade Quality

The Tetrus canopy lighting fixture is a concept developed and nurtured by years of experience and cutting-edge LED science. Additionally, we have an unwavering commitment to always do the right thing by the customer no matter the hardships. Therefore, the Tetrus LED fixture meets the highest standards of quality, including:

Moisture penetration, where our fixtures are ocean-proof;

Heat dissipation, where our the LED modules feature an innovative built-in heat dissipation system;

Impact resistance, where our fixtures are sledgehammer-tough.


Standardized Canopy Lighting Fixtures

You only buy our canopy lights once. Since our fixtures benefit from a smart design, it’s easy for any electrician to get inside and quickly replace parts. Also, all parts are standard throughout all our fixtures, irrespective of wattage. In addition, the LED component consists of independent 50W LED modules. As a result, it allows the fixture to continue to glow until the defective module is replaced.


The Best Experience via Premium Service

Our commitment to quality covers all facets of business, including services. It is our mission is to build long-term relationships. To this end, we seek to achieve our mission by offering a comprehensive set of services that meet your needs, expectations, and requirements. Featured services include:

Nationwide installation and service  network

Real warranty that we honor every time

24/7 service line where you can reach real people no matter where you are in the United States.

Tetrus LED Solutions for YOUR Canopy Lights

While canopy lights equip a wide range of businesses, they serve different purposes across a variety of industries. Location types requiring canopy lights include gas stations, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, and more. Different settings call for different lighting solutions. Therefore, we seek to understand your business, industry and location type so that we provide you with the right fit.

If you want to learn more about canopy lights in the context of your specific business, feel free to request data relevant to your specific location type! If you are ready to buy LED canopy lights, schedule a meeting with an LED lighting specialist!