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Tetrus - Your LED Partner

LED Lighting Solutions | Tetrus

The TETRUS Difference

With Tetrus LED Lighting Solutions, you never have to go through the process of retrofitting again. Our fixtures are serviceable, standardized, and modular so that you enjoy a lifetime of energy savings and low maintenance costs. We are your “LED Partner for a Light-Time!”

Our Partner for a Light-Time Pledge

The TETRUS Product Difference

Tetrus Lighting Solutions are Built for the Life of Your Business

Sledgehammer-Tough For the Roughest Environments

Ocean-Proof For the Toughest Weather Conditions

Patented Light Distribution So Your $ Puts Light on YOUR Property

Highest Lumen Output = More Light For Your $ Spent on Watts

Enhancing Spaces with Commercial Led Outdoor Lighting

Enhancing Spaces with Commercial Led Outdoor Lighting

In the realm of outdoor aesthetics and functionality, Commercial Led Outdoor Lighting has emerged as a revolutionary force, transforming spaces into vibrant, safe, and energy-efficient environments. From urban landscapes to architectural masterpieces, LED lighting...

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Tetrus Serves These and Many Other Well Known Brands

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