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Outdoor LED Lighting Fixtures for Commercial Exterior Spaces

Brighten up your space and save thousands of dollars with uniform illumination with highly efficient outdoor LED lighting solutions.

Outdoor LED Lighting Fixtures for Enhancing Your Commercial Places

When we are talking about outdoor lighting fixtures for your commercial places, we simply mean highly durable and efficient fixtures that can withstand all weather conditions while meeting the illumination and budget requirements of the building owner.

If you already have traditional lighting fixtures outside your buildings, you might have seen the cost of illumination posing a burden on your pocket. But this doesn’t make keeping the outdoor spaces of your buildings well-illuminated any less important because it is about the safety and security of the premise. And when you have to enhance the curb appeal too, the prices can touch the sky.

outdoor LED lighting
Commercial Exterior Lighting 24/7 Customer Support for your Help

How can we help?

With the rising popularity of LED technology, we believe that replacing your traditional lighting systems with Outdoor LED Lighting is the need of the hour. You don’t need to deal with the issues that your existing lighting system creates every now and then. Having decades of experience in the industry makes us suitable for your lighting requirements.

It is no particular type of industry that we deal with. You just have to let us know about your outdoor pole lights requirements and we will customize our services in accordance with that. In the past, we have worked with clients from different businesses including car dealerships, fast-food restaurants, warehouses, shopping malls, and gas stations. We have also delivered our commercial exterior lighting solutions to hotels, hospitals, government facilities, airports, etc.

outdoor led lighting fixtures you Need

It’s true that LED lighting fixtures are energy efficient and cost effective. But we must not forget that all LED lighting fixtures are not created equal. If you go on searching for outdoor pole lights, you may come across several options that seem to be the right fit for your business. But the question is if all of them are actually the right choices for your commercial building. There are parking lot lights, stadium lights, canopy lights, flood lights, and security wall lights that all come under outdoor commercial lights. With us, you can get the required guidance you need to make the right choice.


High Quality Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

When we are talking about outdoor light systems, we are interested in lighting fixtures that are resistant to moisture, dust, vibrations, and other natural and unnatural calamities. You need lighting fixtures that will keep the area illuminated no matter if there are harsh weather conditions, vandals, or criminals who are frustrated because of the well-lit area. Our outdoor lighting fixtures are meant to last for years regardless of where they are being used.


Low Maintenance Lighting Solutions

When you have an electrical appliance, you prepare yourself well for the maintenance costs that come along with them. But it is not true when your lighting solutions belong to Tetrus. The lighting fixtures that you buy from us come with a number of the same 50W LED modules that can be replaced quickly and independently. This means that the fixtures will keep imparting light even if a module has broken or got damaged without you having to replace the whole system.


Highly Energy-Efficient

We are sure that you already know that LED lights are more energy-efficient in comparison to conventional lights. But when you get the outdoor LED lighting solutions from us, you can expect to get the highest lumen output. What makes us stand out from competitors is that our lighting fixtures are modular and serviceable. Our LED fixtures have been designed to last for a long time so that you don’t have to spend unnecessarily on your maintenance costs.


Easily Serviceable Design

What makes people rethink using LED fixtures is that they are not easily penetrable that makes them impossible to be serviced. In some cases, this can make them expensive than the conventional lighting fixtures and many might even overlook the benefits that they offer. That’s where our lighting fixtures stand out from the rest. Our LED fixtures can be serviced and you won’t have to replace them every time a part of them gets damaged.

Customized Commercial Exterior Lighting Solutions you need

There is no denying the fact that outdoor LED lighting fixtures are more durable and reliable than the traditional lighting systems you have always been using. What makes them suitable for outdoor applications is the fact that they are damage resistant and largely immune to vibrations and other impacts. You can even say that LEDs hardly fail to illuminate an area the way you want them to. But what if they fail? Would you need to replace the whole system that may cost you more?

We don’t think so! We spent years understanding what must be done that you don’t have to spend unnecessarily on illuminating your commercial areas with high-quality light. We are your one-stop destination for all your commercial exterior lighting requirements. From designing and manufacturing to installing and servicing your LED fixtures, we can help you with all that you need. If want to learn more about commercial grade outdoor lighting fixtures for your specific industry and business, you can always request more data!

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