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shopping center LED parking lot lights


Having a well-lit parking lot has become an essential part of any shopping center. A well-lit parking lot would provide customers visibility to navigate around the parking lot while also granting them safety. Installing and operating parking lot lights like floodlights and poles are expensive. These types of lights are used mostly during nighttime and will cost your shopping center quite a bit. However, if you would like to cut costs and get quality lighting for your shopping center’s parking lot, LED lighting would be your best option. LED lights have a longer lifespan than traditional lighting systems and they are able to light up a large area.

It is always best to choose the best lighting system that saves your shopping center money while providing your customers with the best experience, starting from the parking lot. LEDs would be the best option, and here’s why.


Your Shopping Center’s Choice of LED Parking Lot Lights

There are a wide variety of LED parking lot lights and fixtures to choose from. Your shopping center will not be limited to one type, for sure. You can choose the type of light to match the need of your parking lot space, aesthetic, and safety practice. LEDs are also best known for being energy efficient compared to their traditional counterparts. LED parking lot lights can save your shopping center quite a bit because they only consume energy by 75%. This makes LED lights the most efficient lighting system to date.


Savings on Your Shopping Center’s Electric Bill

Hands down, LED parking lot lights will help your shopping center save on electric bills. LEDs decrease parking lot lighting consumption by 50% compared to their traditional lighting counterparts. Also, the U.S. Department of Energy also stated that in 2014 organizations that opted to use LEDs for their parking lots saw as much as a 90% savings in their energy usage.

Apart from this, LEDs will also help lower your shopping center’s maintenance costs. How? Because of their long lifespan, you will not need constant maintenance on your lights and fixtures.


Quality Lighting For Less

LED lights do not use as much energy compared to traditional lighting systems. Yet, your shopping center will still experience a higher quality of illumination. Even though the LED light uses a lower wattage it is still able to provide enough illumination to cover large areas such as outdoor parking lots. So you’re looking at a 40% to 60% decrease in energy consumption when your shopping center uses LED parking lot lights versus traditional HID lighting.


Less Electrical Expenses for Your Shopping Center

With LED lights, your shopping center is looking at around a $300 yearly saving for each LED light installed. When you have a large parking lot that will definitely mean a ton of savings. Because of this, it is really beneficial for shopping centers to consider LEDs for their parking lot lighting system. Also, the Department of Energy mentioned back in 2014 that LED lighting systems are gaining popularity and are being used by various organizations. Because of this, the U.S. can expect $265 billion in total savings in energy costs in the next 20 years.



LED parking lot lights for your shopping center are a great way to provide safety and visibility to your customers. They also are able to help your shopping center save on electricity, operational costs, and maintenance costs. Here at Tetrus, we are able to help you select the best LED lights for your shopping center. We’ll help you save while getting quality lighting.