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LED warehouse lighting

Warehouse supervisors unfortunately do not really pay attention to their lighting systems. For most supervisors, if they could see relatively well inside their warehouse, then their lighting system is essentially good enough for them. The lighting system installed would be considered adequate. The thing is, in the process of accepting adequacy, supervisors don’t realize how much a lighting system impacts the overall operation of their warehouse. Nor do they realize that inadequate lighting can become a concern for safety. Warehouses that are fitted with outdated traditional fluorescent and incandescent fixtures can actually be a health risk. An update to LED warehouse lighting can greatly impact your warehouse, and here’s how:

Warehouse Lighting Efficiency

The number one feature which LED lights are known and preferred for is their low energy consumption. Traditional lighting fixtures consume a lot of energy to produce light. LEDs do not consume as much energy as their traditional counterparts. They actually use a mere fraction of what their traditional counterparts consume. Also, LEDs are able to provide you with a considerable amount of savings. For warehouse managers and owners who manage or own larger commercial infrastructures, the potential of retrofitting existing lighting fixtures to LEDs is huge. Aside from the positive financial impact to your bank account, installing or retrofitting LEDs can contribute to the well-being of the environment. This is because of LEDs do not consume a lot of energy and do not emit a lot of heat in the process.

Industrial Warehouse Lighting Maintenance

When a light bulb in your house goes out, it’s not really a hard task to replace it. But try replacing a burnt-out light bulb 50 feet up. That changes things exponentially. A great reason to consider LED Industrial warehouse lighting is that LEDs have a long lifespan. You’re looking at about 10,000 serviceable hours. Basically, you won’t have to worry about constantly losing money and time replacing an LED Industrial warehouse lighting fixture.

LED WareHouse Heat

One thing you can count on LED warehouse lighting is that the LED lighting fixtures do not produce as much heat as their traditional lighting counterparts. This is not only advantageous in terms of energy consumption, but also for your facility’s temperature during summer. You’ll be able to save on cost with LED lighting fixtures and you’ll be able to have a cooler facility as well.

Better Warehouse Light Fixtures

The great thing about LED lighting fixtures is that most of them produce a cool white light. Think of it as a color that is close to natural light. This makes it great for the workstations in the warehouse. It makes it easier for employees to work. They won’t have as much eyestrain and will not be susceptible to a lot of errors. It will also boost employee satisfaction as they are more comfortable in their workstation. Also, LEDs are capable of lighting important areas in the warehouse such as high-traffic corner aisles, catwalks, and staircases. These areas have to be well lit as safety in these areas is important for overall productivity and safety.

LED Warehouse Lighting Fixtures Durability

A warehouse is a tough environment. It will be have heavy-duty machinery constantly moving about. LED warehouse lighting is best as it is able to keep up with the hustle and bustle of a busy workplace. LED lighting fixtures are able to withstand long hours and are not prone to breakage. It takes a lot to shatter LED lights. Having durable LED lights means that accidents are not likely to happen frequently.


We’ve only skimmed the top of why LED warehouse lighting is the best option you should go for. Tetrus has 30 years of experience with outdoor lighting. Should you need any information about LED lighting for your warehouse, we’d be more than happy to provide it to you. Providing you with quality, long-lasting LED lights for your warehouse is something we can easily discuss. If you need a quote on our products and services, we’d be more than happy to provide you with that. We’d be more than happy to help get the right LED light to fit your budget and business need. We look forward to hearing from you!