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Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor LED lights provide us with guidance when we’re going from point A to point B. They illuminate our way and provide that extra dose of security during night time. However, in order for us to actually feel secure and be able to get from point A to B, the correct Outdoor LED Lights should be used.

There are a variety of outdoor led lights in the market today. Each fixture has its individual strengths and weaknesses. And each fixture is expected to operate for at least 12 hours or more. When you’re looking at sunrise to sunset time frame,  Outdoor LED lights would be the best option for your lighting fixtures. So let’s take a closer look at five of the most commonly used lighting fixtures with LED applications.

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures: Exploring Canopy Lights

Taking its name literally, canopy lights are used for outdoor canopies. Of course, being an outdoor LED lights fixture, this light is marked as good for locations that are wet. They should also be able to withstand vibrations that are emitted from traffic. This is because they are also the go-to lighting fixture for areas with a lot of traffic. You’ll most likely see canopy lights being used at covered parking lot areas, drive-through banks and restaurants, and gas stations. These lighting fixtures will be installed pretty high up so it is crucial to select a lighting fixture that has the best beam shape.

Exterior Light Fixtures: Floodlights

This type of lighting has a base that is adjustable. Because of this feature, this outdoor lighting fixture can be used to light a specific area or object. You can see this lighting fixture is used in sports arenas. With these types of light fixtures, the arena is flooded with maximum visibility during night time. For the industrial sector, floodlights are best used for outside areas where containers and machinery are always constantly moving. Floodlights are known for their powerful light output. This is because their beam has a wide shape which allows it to cover a huge area. But it should be noted that there are also floodlights that can be used for concerts where the beam focuses on a particular area or object.

Linear Lighting

When you see an elongated and narrow-designed Outdoor LED Lights, these are most likely linear lights. This type of lighting fixture can be seen in multi-story outdoor parking lots. They also have a hermetic design that protects the lights from dust, moisture, and insects. When you’re looking at fluorescent linear lighting, these have a tubular design and have ballasts. Some LED linear lighting lamps on the other hand are integral, meaning the fixture has a light engine with LEDs spaced out in a way to provide the best illumination. But there are still tube-shaped LED lights that are designed to still fit in bases that were made for fluorescent lights.

Pole-Mounted Lighting

This lighting fixture is just as its name indicates. You see this kind of lighting fixture in almost every open parking lot and street. Because this type of fixture is used to light up a huge area underneath them, its beam is quite wide. Though this type of fixture has a wide beam, you must take care not to produce lateral light projection. This is mainly to avoid creating glare. Also, pole-mounted lights are subjected to a rating called BUG (Backlight Uplight Glare). This rating basically tells you about a fixture’s ability to produce backlight, uplight, and glare. For pole-mounted lighting, the preferred BUG rating is B0-U0-G0. The worst possible BUG rating is B5-U5-G5. This must be avoided as much as possible.

Wall packs

Basically, a wall pack is designed to be installed directly onto walls. They are self-contained lighting fixtures that can be categorized as either semi-cutoff or full-cutoff wall packs. Semi-cutoff wall packs basically project light horizontally while full-cutoff wall packs project their beams downward. This type of fixture is commonly used to illuminate the immediate area around a building.


There are a variety of outdoor lighting fixtures. Each and every one of them has different uses for different situations. Also, each fixture still has different variations attached to it depending on the situation and need. If you are working with experienced lighting professionals, you will be able to choose which outdoor LED lights are best for your needs. You’ll be able to find the most efficient light which will save you a lot on operational costs for a long period of time.

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