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best led parking lot lights

Whenever customers come to your place of business, the parking lot provides the first impression of your business. In order to provide the best impression of your business, you have to provide the best parking lot lighting system. Let’s take a look at a few pointers to make sure that your business will get the best led parking lot lights.

Best LED Parking Lot Lights | Tetrus

Most people will opt for the cheaper lighting system option. However, the problem with this is that in the long-term this is not the best option. When you look at outdoor lighting, generally speaking, the more expensive the system, the better the features and durable fixtures you will get. However, you have to look at the lumen output to consume the wattage component. This will determine the best parking lot lighting your business will need.

IP Rating in Parking Lot Lights

Always know your IP rating before you even purchase your parking lot lighting system. Basically, an IP rating will inform you what the fixture can actually withstand. This is, of course, without losing their basic operational ability and efficiency. The IP rating will also tell you the wind and dust durability of your fixture as well as water resistance levels. Apart from the rating, you also have to check if the parking lot lighting you will be using is UL listed for damp or wet locations. This is mainly because the fixture will be exposed to the outside elements. Make sure that the usage of the fixture to be installed is applicable for outdoor use.

Consistency of Lighting

When looking at lighting options, always consider the lights’ ability to produce consistent light. Most businesses become focused on choosing which lumen would be best for an outdoor parking lot. They unfortunately do not take into consideration the uniformity of light produced by the fixture. As a result, your parking lot does not have significant light coverage. So, in order to achieve a consistent lighting system, you have to consider a 3:1 ratio. The ratio is based on the average lighting between the lowest light level reading and the average light level reading that the parking lot will need.

Know Your Basic Outdoor Fixtures

Now, whether you are going to install a brand new lighting system or consider lighting fixtures, you have to know your basic outdoor fixtures. Low-pressure sodium lights have been phased out by modern lighting systems. Once a popular option, this fixture produces an insufficient lighting quality. It produces an orange hue, which is its signature color. This fixture may not consume a lot of energy, however, its lifespan is not on the long side. Because of this fact, some parking lots still use this fixture to date.

High-pressure sodium on the other hand is similar to low-pressure sodium lights in design. They have lower energy consumption and a longer lifespan. Their color is also a bit improved. This is seen through the yellowish-orange color of their fixtures. Metal halide fixtures on the other hand provide a better CRI (color-rendering index) and a higher output of light. This light has a longer lifespan when you compare the three light types. But the overall lifespan of the fixture is not as long as HPS lights. LEDs are the best option in terms of lumen output to wattage consumption. They produce a white hue light and are capable of having a very long lifespan.

Discovering the correct lighting system for your parking lot lighting is quite important. It’s not difficult to do. Following these several tips will most definitely lead you on the correct path. Your business will surely benefit from them.