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commercial high bay led lights


When you’re in the lighting world, LED high bay lighting is one sure fixture that you’ll come across. You’ll see them in most gymnasiums, warehouses, or any big open area which has high ceilings. A lot of existing high and low bay lighting applications use HID (high-intensity discharge) lamps. These are more or less high-pressure sodium lamps or metal halide lamps. However, even though this type of traditional lighting is used, the costs associated with this prehistoric technology are pretty high. You’re looking at higher energy consumption costs, regular maintenance costs, and poor lighting quality and performance. These issues can easily be addressed if you upgrade your existing traditional lighting system to Commercial High Bay LED lights.


The main reason why you should consider upgrading to LED high bay lighting is that you’ll be able to save quite a bit in terms of energy consumption. This is because the most common wattage you’re looking at for LED high bay lighting fixtures ranges from about 95 watts to 495 watts. Your traditional lighting system would be around 175 watts to 1,000 watts. Also, by upgrading to LED lighting you’re looking at a reduction of your energy consumption by 40% to 60%. Looking at actual numbers, that would be equivalent to a yearly savings of $300 per fixture, should you make the upgrade to LED. You can see a difference in your operational balance sheet if you make the upgrade, but this will be subject to the size of your facility.

Commercial High Bay LED Lights – Lower Maintenance Costs

With an upgrade to LED high bay lighting, you’ll see a huge reduction in your maintenance costs. This is mainly because of LED lights’ long lifespan and the way that LEDs produce light. Unlike their traditional counterparts, LEDs do not stop functioning once their fuel source is notably reduced. The light output of LED lights slowly decreases over time. Because of this, the lifespan of an LED light bulb can last significantly longer than a traditional HID lamp. You’ll also have less need to frequently maintain your LED lights.

Let’s look at this example to get a better picture. Should you be upgrading from a traditional 400 watt HID high bay lighting, you’re looking at a total of $5.341 savings on your industrial light fixture for the duration of three years in maintenance costs.

Commercial High Bay LED Lights – Performance

Lastly, when you’re looking to upgrade your lighting system, it is crucial to take into consideration the overall performance of the competitor. In terms of performance, LED lights’ overall performance is definitely a class higher than its HID counterparts. LED lights use a multi-point design. This basically means that the light produced by LEDs illuminates the intended area uniformly. There will be little difference in light levels on the area being illuminated by the fixture. Another great benefit of LEDs is that they come in a variety of correlated color temperatures (CCTs). This means that you’ll have a variety of brightness levels to choose from. HIDs on the other hand only produces a bright spot on the intended area to be illuminated. The light levels will also have less uniformity as the distance between the area and the fixture increases.


Overall, we can see that there are three main reasons why you should upgrade your traditional lighting systems to LED lights. You’ll definitely be able to see a reduction in your electric bill when you upgrade due to the reduction in energy consumption. Also, you won’t be spending a ton on maintenance as LEDs do not require frequent maintenance like their HID counterpart. You’ll also be able to fully enjoy enhanced lighting performance with an upgrade to LED lights. Should you need more information on LED high bay lighting, feel free to contact us here at Tetrus. We’ll be more than happy to assist you in making the best choice for your lighting needs.

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