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It can be expensive to keep your parking lot properly illuminated, especially during the winter months when the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Getting the right amount of light to light up your parking lot is always the priority of each parking lot owner. Having a parking space with dark areas or blind spots can cause harm or danger to pedestrians, employees, and drivers. Not only can it be accident prone, but dark areas can provide opportunities for the criminal elements. This will ultimately drive business down. That is why it is important to get the best available lights for your parking space. And right now, that means getting LED parking lot lights.

It terms of illumination, safety and longevity, the best choice for parking lot lights are LED lights. Parking lot lights are made for longevity, but that does not mean that you have to test out the longevity of your current lights and get left behind by the times and ignore modern technological advances. LED lights are the best option for parking lots right now. Even if the installation costs are significant, you can make up your investment in the huge savings that you will get moving forward.

Commercial LED Parking Lot Lights Advantages

1. LED vs HID

HID lamps or high-intensity discharge lamps are gas lamps that discharge energy through an electric current between the ionized gas and two electrodes. Most HID lamps also contain mercury, sodium, and metal halide. All these elements are sealed in a glass capsule. HID lamps also need ballasts to regulate enough power to produce light. HID lamps spend less energy and produce more light than halogen bulbs, but it is nothing compared to the lights produced with the energy saved by LED lights.

2. Pole Lights

There are many different layouts for parking lots, but almost all outdoor commercial parking lot lights are attached to tall poles. Light from this height can be spread out more evenly across a certain area. LED lights provide more light and cast it across a larger area. When you upgrade to LED parking lot lights, you will have to decide if you want to keep your pole layout or useless poles. This is because poles have to be more spread out poles because of the increased light range of LED lights. You can actually light up a larger area with less lamps when you used LED lights.

commercial parking lot lights

3. Retrofitting versus Replacement.

Retrofitting is when you add new and improved parts to a system that already exists. LED lamps can use exiting light fixtures and improve the light quality of your parking space. But not all lamp fixtures can be compatible with LED technology. It might cost less to retrofit rather than install new features. But it is still much more recommended to replace your fixtures. Most of the time, retrofitting is done to keep the aesthetics of the parking space. This is mainly because the design and look of the fixtures match the surroundings and the buildings around the parking lot. Retrofitting can be done easily if the fixtures are modern and if they are compatible with LED kits.

4. LED Lights are ideal for parking lot structures

There are a lot of elements that make LED lights ideal for parking lot lighting. Aside from providing better light and energy savings, LED lights can also provide a wider range of color temperatures. LED lights can be adjusted to a certain light color temperature. This determines if the light emitted is cool or warm in terms of color. Warm colors have a reddish to a yellowish hue, while cool colors have a bluish in purple tint. This also affects how the light is distributed, how much heat the lamps produce, and how eco-friendly each fixture can be.

5. Controlled LED parking lot lights

One of the many advantages of LED light is that it can be controlled to emit your preferred lighting. This means light that can be dimmed, light can be adjusted for passive infrared, and even lights that can detect motion. With this flexibility, not only can you provide safety and convenience for the people in your parking lot, but you can also add another element of safety and security. There are also LED lights that can dim when natural light is high, and get brighter when it is darker outside. These outside light sensors can be easily installed along with LED light fixtures.

6. Maintenance and Upkeep

The most common cause why lamps fail or stop is because they are exposed to heat for a longer period of time. That is why lamps that are on for a long period, such as parking lot lamps, have a tendency to have a shorter shelf life. But that is not the case with LED parking lot lights. LED lights produce less heat and are less likely to be replaced or repaired. This means less maintenance and longer shelf life for your parking lot. Not only is this less of a hassle, but it minimizes upkeep costs.