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High Bay LED Lighting


High bay LED lighting would be your best bet when you’re thinking about lighting mid to high ceiling complexes. These complexes would typically be warehouses, storage spaces, gymnasiums, and manufacturing areas. And Tetrus has an assortment of high bay LED lighting fixtures that would suit your specific requirements.

LED Warehouse Lighting High Bay Benefits

A major benefit that high bay LED lighting has over a typical T8 high bay lamp, is its longer lifespan. High bay lights are expected to provide at least 100,000 hours of serviceable life, which is basically around about 11 1/2 years worth of continuous operation. Some LED high bay fixtures can produce up to 50,000 lumens as opposed to the 15,000 to 20,000 lumens fluorescent lights can produce. Now, if your LED high bay lights happen to go out, you’ll have to replace its driver which is the equivalent to HIDs ballast. Most LED drivers have a five-year warranty. This all sounds great, but you have to note that retrofitting would cost quite a bit.

When you’re looking at high bay lights fitted with T8 LED tubes, there are several benefits under this product’s belt. First, whenever your LED tube fixture burns out, you just need to replace that particular tube that got burnt out. This is because each has its own driver. Because each lamp has its own driver, they are able to run off a line voltage. Another good thing about T8 LED tubes is that they have a long lifespan. We’re looking at about 100,000 hours worth of serviceable hours. This means that this product is cheaper to maintain because you won’t be needing to replace it that often.

Another benefit would be that LED lights do not flicker when they startup. They also do not need to warm up before actually turning on. Add to that the durability of LEDs as they are able to withstand quite a lot of handling. Simply put, LED light fixtures are not only efficient but also very durable.

What’s the Difference?

Well, what if you still think fluorescent lights are still the best thing that’s ever happened in this entire world and there’s no need to switch to something new? Now, the only thing that is against upgrading to LED is the initial cost. Yes, it is quite expensive. But there is one great fact to counter this argument. And that is advancements with LED technology grows every day making it easier for manufacturers to lower their prices on their product while still continuing to manufacture it at a large scale.

When you’re also looking at the energy consumption between LED high bay lighting systems and their traditional counterparts, the former consumes less energy than the latter. So, basically, if you’re looking at a high upfront cost for installation, you’ll be able to take that back on savings due to lower electric bills. Another great fact is that utility providers also provide rebates when you upgrade to LED fixtures. And if you add sensors and dimming features to your high bay LED lighting system, you’ll increase your savings once more. Another cool fact is that since LED lights do not emit as much heat as their counterparts, you can save on air conditioning costs as well, that’s about 20%.

High Bay Lights Maintenance Costs

Since the lifespan of LEDs is quite long, you’re virtually looking at minimal to nonexistent maintenance for your lamps. There’s no need to constantly change your fixtures frequently. So that means that you don’t need a handyman to constantly keep tabs on your lights. And therefore you reduce any accidents during maintenance time.

LED High Bay Productivity

Now, you may be thinking, “Does changing my lighting system actually increase my employees’ productivity?” The answer is, “Yes!” The increased quality of light produced in commercial workspaces lets employees see their work better. They are then able to finish their tasks quickly because they are able to work better. Because if you work in an environment where you constantly have to squint to finish your task, you’re losing time and contributing to stress on your eyes. This in turn leads to headaches and a slow finish at the workbench. An improvement in the lighting system surprisingly increases production by 8.34% and also boosts the morale of the employees by 33%.

With that being said, should you need any more information on High Bay LED Lighting, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Tetrus. We’ll be more than happy to steer you in the right direction. Installing this new lighting system will benefit your company in terms of employee productivity, reduction in maintenance costs, and increased lighting quality.