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LED high bay lights

High bay lights may be a familiar fixture for you visually if you own a huge industrial or commercial site. You most likely may not use that term if you needed to explain your lighting system though. But to define them, they are lighting fixtures made and installed for illuminating areas with high ceilings. Some regulations may define a high bay as a ceiling height of 15 feet, others may even say it’s 20 feet. But in reality, ceilings can be as high as 45 feet depending on the situation. Because of the high ceilings of your commercial or industrial space, you’ll be needing a lighting system powerful enough to completely light up the entire space. Your best choice would be LED high bay lights. Mainly because this type of high bay lighting could either be a great initial install option or retrofit option. Also, LEDs provide the best and most efficient way of illumination.

Industrial High Bay LED Lights: Ideal Applications

LED high bay lights are the best application for spaces like gymnasiums, factories, assembly lines, and recreational spaces. It would be best to talk with a lighting expert to know more about LED lighting at this point. An expert will be able to tell you which LED fixture would best suit your warehouse, industrial site, storage facility, or event center. LEDs can give you dependable, consistent, and comfortable illumination for your infrastructure. Your visitors and employees would be safe and would be able to work comfortably if this type of lighting system were to be installed in your space.

LED High Bay Energy Efficiency

An investment in LED high bay lights provides you with the best lighting system you can get. At the same time, this investment helps you have great energy efficiency. The technology of LEDs also provides a long-lasting product. This means you’ll save in terms of energy costs. Numerically speaking, your company can see LED fixtures use 80% to 90% of electricity for pure light production. LED lights do not produce a lot of heat. This is a huge improvement over traditional lighting systems.

High Bay Lights Maintenance

If you work with a top-notch manufacturer of LED high bay lights, you may be able to get great quality products at a reasonable price. Once you’ve purchased the right LED fixtures for your space and installed them, you’ll be able to see savings in maintenance costs. This is mainly because compared to traditional lighting fixtures, LEDs do not require frequent replacements. You can attribute that to the long-lasting serviceable life of LED lights. Their serviceable lifespan is just around the 50,000 hours mark. Some LED fixtures can even last up to 100,000 serviceable hours! That means you have less to worry about.

Let’s Say, For Example:

You have an open floor plan for your assembly operation which houses quite a number of workstations and workers. With LED high bay lighting, you’ll be able to provide quality, efficient and comfortable lighting conditions for the many workers who will constantly be working underneath the high bay light fixtures. Consult with your lighting expert. This way you’ll be able to find out which lighting fixture would work best for your space, employees, and customers who will come over to inspect your provided services and products.


Your customers and employees will appreciate your awesome lighting system. Why? The lighting will be clear, have the correct temperature/color and be free from glare. With LED high bay lights, you’ll be able to get an accurate representation of any object your lighting fixture will focus on. You’ll also experience an electric bill reduction of up to 95%. With all this in mind, you can definitely see why having LED high bay lights will be the best choice for you and your company. Reach Tetrus today!

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