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led industrial lights

Why should you consider Industrial LED Lighting Fixtures? One big reason is that industrial facilities do consume a lot of energy. Because of the large energy consumption, you’re looking at large operational costs for your facility. Traditional lighting systems consume a vast amount of energy. This means a huge electric bill each month. Since having constant lighting is important for your business’ operation, you might want to consider industrial LED lighting for your facility. LEDs have been transforming businesses tremendously. They are also very common fixtures in commercial buildings.

Industrial LED Lighting: Why it is a Great Choice?

Nowadays, LEDs are quickly phasing out traditional lighting systems. There are basically three reasons as to why. First, Industrial LED Lighting do not consume as much energy. They use energy quite efficiently. Should you want to retrofit your existing traditional lighting system to LED, you’re looking at a 90% savings in your electric bill. The savings you’ll get from using LED lights would quickly even out your cost for retrofitting.

Second, you’ll see a reduction in maintenance costs. When you use industrial LED lighting, they have 4 to 40 times the useful service life of traditional commercial lights. You don’t have to worry about replacements, wasted light products, and disposal. Should you be looking into an upgrade from HIDs (like high-pressure sodium and metal halide lights) you won’t have to worry about constantly having to maintain, replace and dispose of your LED lights. This is because of its long lifespan. Yes, you’ll spend quite a bit on the upgrade. But getting LED industrial lights fixtures makes up for this in reduced maintenance costs and longer product warranties.

Lastly, you can definitely see an increase in light performance and quality with LED lights. This is because when you use industrial LED Lighting the representation of an object is quite close to when you’re seeing it under natural sunlight. Basically, LEDs have a higher CRI (Color Rendering Index). One example to illustrate this would be when the grass is illuminated by an industrial LED lighting fixture, you’ll see it as green. When you illuminate grass with HPS lights, on the other hand, it’ll most likely come out yellowish or colorless.

What’s the Best LED Light for My Warehouse?

There are several products out in the market. Let’s take a look at some of them. High Bay Fixtures are great for warehouses that have a ceiling height of at least 25 ft. They are utilized for vertical and horizontal positioning. You can also couple them with a number of reflectors. In the past, traditional lights such as halide and fluorescent bulbs were used for this fixture. However, LEDs are now being used and can definitely produce a better quality light than their counterparts. Low Bay Fixtures, on the other hand, are used for warehouses with a lower ceiling height. This is because they distribute light evenly at this height than High Bay Fixtures.

Linear Strip Lights are the best choice for department stores. This is mainly because it provides a cleaner look and has a smaller footprint. In the past, T12 and T8 light fixtures were used for this type.

Recessed Troffer, on the other hand, comes in three different sizes. This type can be chain-hung, surface-mounted or pendant-mounted. The Recessed Troffer application can be seen in industrial facilities and warehouses. The usage of this fixture would depend on the height of the building’s ceiling and the type of light performance.

Do you need Vapor-Tight Lighting Fixtures?

Different industries also are subjected to different weather conditions. Whether you are subjected to humidity, ice, rain, and the like, you have to take these factors into consideration for your industrial LED lighting fixtures. Mainly because you want to safeguard your fixtures against corrosion, rust, and other damage. Some brands have specific products for specific weather conditions. This is to ensure that they are protected and will work properly. Tetrus has years of experience with industrial LED lighting fixtures. We can provide you with the best solution for your lighting needs. Should you need our insight, kindly contact us. We’ll be glad to offer you our professional advice and a standard quote.

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