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led high bay lights

LED high bay lights are basically made for commercial buildings which have mid to high ceilings. They are ideal fixtures for manufacturing areas, warehouses, storage spaces, gymnasiums, and barns. The reason being is that these lighting fixtures have very high lumen output. Because of this high lumen output, these fixtures are able to produce sufficient illumination for large spaces. There are several designs for high bay lights. You can choose from either a ufo design, a linear design, or around design.

The Lifespan of LED High Bay Lights

One main benefit of LED high bay lights is their long-lasting serviceable lifespan. It is definitely more superior than its traditional counterparts. This is because high bay fixtures installed with LED lights can have a serviceable lifespan of about 100,000 hours. You’re basically looking at about 10 years of use out of the lighting fixture. But there are instances where the serviceable lifespan can actually exceed 100,000 hours. You can also see that LED lights produce more lumens than, let’s say, fluorescent high bay fixtures. Because of this, buildings that need more than what standard lighting can provide will benefit from this lighting fixture.


There are a lot of commercial building owners who delay an upgrade or retrofit to LED lighting fixtures. The main reason is the cost of the install or retrofit. It is a bit pricey. However, because of the emerging popularity of LED lights, coupled with its constant technological advancements, prices for these lighting fixtures are now a bit more affordable. Also, LED high bay lights are powered by LED drivers. So if your light burns out, you can always replace just the driver. It’s that simple.

Energy Efficient

Another great benefit of LED high bay lights is their energy efficiency. The LED lights for the high bay fixtures use a mere fraction of the energy that traditional lighting fixtures consume. Having LED lights installed in their buildings, owners see an ROI (return on investment) in less than a year. Should there be any rebates from power companies that your company is associated with, you’ll be seeing your ROI sooner than that. With LED lights, you can also save as much as 95% in energy consumption. Add in dimming features and sensors to control your lighting system and you can easily see lower energy consumption still and a lot of savings. Also, LED lights do not emit a lot of heat. This means you won’t be needing a lot of cooling from your HVAC system. You’ll therefore be seeing a reduction of cost by 20% at most.


Traditionally, maintenance was required to keep the lighting system constantly operational. LED lights do not require a lot of maintenance. This actually makes LED lighting fixtures a safer option. For one, you won’t be needing maintenance staff to frequently replace parts such as ballasts and lamps. Maintenance crews won’t have to constantly monitor the fixtures and this means fewer chances of injury and accidents.

Productivity and Durability

With LED lights, the productivity of your employees can increase. How? The light produced by LEDs has better quality than traditional lighting systems. This means that employees can enjoy a high-quality light while working. They’ll be able to see better and not have to strain their eyes as much. This means they’ll be able to finish their work faster and more efficiently. Also, LEDs for high bay lights do not need a warm-up period. They are able to turn on right away and have no flickering. In terms of durability, LEDs are basically indestructible. They are able to resist a lot of abuse which their environment lashes out at them.


LED high bay lights are the best option for your commercial space, gymnasium, warehouse, manufacturing plant, and such. They have a lot of benefits that should make you consider installing them or even retrofitting your existing lighting systems. Should you need more information about this product, Tetrus would be more than happy to provide you with the best product information. We’re always happy to provide you with a quote as well so you can find the best product for your commercial building.