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led parking lot pole lights

Why LED parking lot pole lights are not only good but important?

Parking lots are basically extensions of your business. It provides passerby and clients that all important first impression. That being said, a well-lit parking lot basically gives that important first impression. Having great lighting tells something about your overall business. So, led parking lot pole lights is important in this respect.

One thing about parking lots is that people only notice the quality of its lighting when it’s bad. Great parking lot lighting makes employees and clients feel secure. People are also able to easily maneuver around a parking lot if it is well-lit. Conversely, when a parking lot is not well illuminated, people do not feel secure and most likely are susceptible to accidents and crime.

A well-illuminated parking lot not only improves the overall look of your business. It also provides a secure environment which is attractive to customers. Don’t forget, your customer’s first experience starts at the parking lot. So, an outdoor parking lot area with poor illumination during nighttime discourages customers to stop by and go into your store. Here’s several reasons why LED parking lot lights are so important.

LED Prevents Accidents and Enhances Security

A number of accidents happen yearly in parking lots as per the National Safety Council. People who are unfamiliar with the layout of the parking lot are prone to minor and major accidents if the parking lot is not well-lit. Drivers navigating the parking lot may not be able to see the layout of the parking lot and can end up crashing into other cars and objects.

Drivers should be able to have good visibility when driving in your parking lot. They should be able to easily spot other cars, pedestrians, and possible obstacles. A well-lit parking area helps drivers avoid accidents from happening. People will also be able to easily navigate themselves. They most likely won’t get lost.

Managing a parking lot for your business does not only mean keeping the lot clean and maintaining the cracks on the pavement. It means actually supplying quality lighting for your clients. You should provide great lighting within your business premises and your parking lot. Should people get into accidents because of poor lighting, you can be considered responsible for that accident. People have sued businesses just for slipping because of poor lighting.

Lessens Crime

Criminals who intend to rob or destroy your business would be discouraged if your place of business and parking lot are well illuminated. They carry out their plans in the dark because it provides them with the necessary coverage. A CCTV would not be able to provide a clear picture of the crime should your business and parking area be poorly lit.

Your employees and clients are at risk of being robbed if your premises are not well-lit. They would not be able to notice subtle movements in the dark. Their cars can also be stolen or broken into and the CCTVs would not be able to focus in the criminals well in the dark. A parking lot that is well-lit makes your employees and clients feel a whole lot safer. It also saves you from any legal liability. Having a well-lit parking lot also gives clients the feeling that they are always welcome to come over and shop at any time. 

Shows Your Business’ Respectability

A parking lot with weak lighting does not boost the confidence of your clients. Should there be any incident of robbery or assault, your clients and employees would not be able to trust you. Conversely, if you do have CCTVs installed, LED parking lot lights can improve the images captured. This, in turn, provides better security. Your employees and clients will feel that their safety comes first. Having LED parking lot lights is one excellent opportunity to show off your business. Your parking lot also mirrors the respectability of your business. A well-lit parking lot gives you the chance to show to people that your business is a hospitable company.


You may think that switching from HID lights to LED lights are expensive and takes a lot of time. It actually isn’t. Making the switch over to LED lights is a worthwhile investment. LEDs are quite a common product being used in parking lots all across America to date. Businesses and various organizations utilize LEDs rather than HIDs.

LEDs are long lasting and do not consume as much energy as traditional HIDs do. Because of this, LEDs are quite eco-friendly. Greenhouse gasses are reduced and production of energy consuming conventional lighting systems are also decreased. LEDs also do not produce as much heat as HIDs. Research indicates that LEDs don’t contribute much damage to the environment.

So, LED parking lot lights it is a great way to reduce your business’ energy usage. There are even some HIDs which have Mercury content. This will have to be properly disposed of by professionals. On the other hand, LEDs do not have any risk to anyone’s health should they break.


Having LED lights provides your business with better savings. You save by lowering your energy usage, having lower maintenance and needing less light fixtures. The biggest positive of LEDs is low energy consumption. You get better quality lighting and not consume as much as traditional lighting systems.

LED parking lot pole lights normally use 65 and 450 watts. Since LEDs don’t use ballasts, they don’t use a lot of electricity. So, when you switch from a traditional lighting system, your business’ energy usage drops to 75%. It drops to 90% if you add lighting controls in the mix. Maintenance costs are lowered because of the long-lasting life of the LED lights. Semiconductors are used to create light and so, their output gradually becomes less over time. A single LED bulb is also made up of many tiny LED chips. They therefore are able to produce sufficient lighting compared to traditional lighting systems with less work.

As for lighting fixtures, your parking lot will only need less lighting fixtures. With HIDs, your parking lot will be needing a range from one to four light fixtures. That is depending on whether the area is busy. This is because HIDs quickly lose brightness levels. LED lights produce better lighting and need fewer fixtures to create similar amount of light conventional lighting systems provide.


LED lights have longer life spans. Conventional lighting systems have a lifespan of 15,000 – 25,000 hours. This means that you will have to replace them quite frequently. Frequent replacement means that it is time consuming and requires some elbow grease to reinstall. HIDs also makes use of ballasts. Ballasts have a very short lifespans. Once you have to replace your lights, you also have to replace your ballasts.

The HID lumen depreciation rate is also high. HIDs lose their lumens before the end of their expected lifespan. Because of HIDs changing colors during its entire lifespan, depreciation is not a constant rate. Changing these lights would mainly depend on their decreased efficiency in the areas they keep lighted.

LED lights’ expected lifespan are two times longer than HID lighting systems. They retain 70% of their luminosity throughout their lifespan. Also, LEDs do not use ballasts and their color does not change throughout their life. So LEDs maintenance is non-existent.


Compared to traditional lighting, LEDs’ CRI is higher. This means that it makes your parking lot have optimal lighting. People are able to see their surroundings properly and are able to see objects in their true color instead of a different hue. LEDs also come in different temperatures in terms of color. This improves an individuals’ perception of brightness.

The way that LEDs are designed also provides optimal light dispersion. What that means is that a person who is near or far from the lights will be able to see his surroundings clearly. This is because the light provided by LEDs is not affected by distance. Other systems like Metal Halide lamps are only capable of providing a clear spot directly under its fixture. The lighting decreases as the individual goes farther away from the lamp.

Light Controls

Another benefit of LEDs is their customization. Adding automated control technology adds to more savings. One example would be that automation would turn on the lights in your parking lot only when it is needed. This helps you reduce your electric consumption. Also, LEDs are flexible. You can change their lighting production and not have to change their casing. With light controls you, LEDs don’t take a lot of time warming up and cooling down.


Initially, when LED lights came out, they were quite expensive. However, when multiple manufacturers started producing LEDs, their prices became affordable for businesses to switch over to LED lighting. The government even provides rebates and incentives to make LEDs a lot affordable. This is not only to make the product affordable but also to ease the usage of power from the grid. Though businesses get rebates for switching over to LED lighting, they are now decreasing. This is mainly because of the affordability of the product at current times. It is therefore advisable to make the switch to LED lighting a current project.

LED parking lot lights offer your business a cost-effective way to provide a well-lit parking lot. It’s best to allocate your money toward LEDs rather than traditional lighting systems that only rack up your bill. Also, it provides you and your business a sense of accomplishment contributing to the betterment of the environment.