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led street light manufacturers


Street lights have always been necessary to fight off the darkness that always threatens to stop our daily activities. People have seen this throughout time, from the gasses which escape volcano leaks, bamboo-type pole lights in early Peking, China to lamps containing vegetable oil during Ancient-time Rome. Street lights evolved throughout time in terms of their source. Electricity is now the main source of illumination. The outdoor light offers safety by providing visibility. The light produced by pole lights also discourages crimes from happening.

LED Street Light Manufacturers: The Pole Light

The street light has evolved where we now have the perfect pole to support current-day luminaires. This means having a long-lasting pole. Currently, the pole lights use concrete poles which are prestressed and spun-cast. Definitely high-quality, long-lasting poles. These poles are not only used for pole lights. Other utilities such as traffic lights and the distribution of electricity and lines for communication also utilize these types of study poles. The poles have specific standards in terms of admixture, water, cement, aggregate, and steel aside from load-bearing routines and tolerance.

LED Light Pole Fixture

There are also standards for the actual light fixture to accompany the strong poles of current-day street lights. When looking at the ANSI C136.15-2015 (Roadway and Area Lighting Equipment – Luminaire Field Identification), it basically states you should have a consistent method for considering the type of light and its wattage. You can also look at the guidelines for the suggested dimensions and needed maintenance for a majority of the outdoor lights.

Vandal Shields

Because the LED street lights are known to help stop crime from happening, it is important that the street light in operation does not have any vandalism on it. Vandal shields can help prevent that. The testing for these vandal shields of course varies. This would depend on the type of protection the street light would require. Some examples of needed requirements would be bullet resistance and flame resistance. Also, the shields should also be easy to take off when the light needs to be cleaned. But not so easy as to fall off and not protect its lighting fixture.


The overall design of the LED street light will always be chosen by the city or municipality that will make use of the fixture. The standards discussed above will only serve as a general guide for the municipality or city to take into consideration when they will be choosing their specific pole lights. The urban planning department of each city or municipality will also decide which type of lighting fixture and its placement in the area. One example we could look at would be New York’s approach. New York’s standard lighting fixture is Cobra Head luminaire. This fixture is being kept up by NYC’s Department of Transportation (DOT) and is utilized by pedestrians and street lighting.

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