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warehouse lighting


The number one expense for any warehouse manager has always been warehouse lighting. You see this in the form of high electric bills every month, the inadequate lighting produced, the rise in accidents that occur in the warehouse, and also decreased productivity. But with increasing technological advancements in LED lights and smart controls, operating warehouses are not as difficult as before. Currently maintaining needed warehouse lighting levels has never been easier.

Work Environment

A work environment should have the best light conditions for its employees to be productive and safe. When you have the correct light levels, your employees will be able to avoid accidents. This is important considering that some warehouse lighting systems are on 24 hours a day and workers come to work in shifts. You have to provide just the correct amount of lighting. Too much light can cause as much damage as inadequate light.

There are certain safety regulations that you should follow to provide your workers with just the right amount of light. But sometimes what’s on paper does not equate to adequate lighting that will help employee productivity and efficiency. A properly lit warehouse has to take into consideration the number of luminaries and their placement.

LED Warehouse Lighting Placement

You can buy light fixtures which have the ability to adequately light your warehouse, but you still have to place them just at the right spots in the warehouse. Taking into account your warehouse’s layout can help you determine the placement of your lights. For example, if your lighting fixtures will be installed near the roof, you’ll be needing more light. When you’re going to look at an aisle-type lighting layout, the installation cost will be a bit pricey but your employees will benefit from this by getting adequate lighting. Your employees will be more efficient, productive, and safe.


Maintenance of warehouse lighting systems is costly. In order for you to save on cost, it’s important to choose the right type of light. HID (high-intensity discharge) or T12 lamps will end up costing a lot more than T5 or T8 fluorescent lights. There are also some types of lights that react to occupancy. What this means is that the lights will shut off for a particular time when there are no people in the warehouse. There are also other lights that react when there is sufficient natural lighting. When there is sufficient natural light, the lights will automatically turn off.

Natural Lighting vs Warehouse Lighting

Nothing beats natural lighting. It is actually a huge advantage for employee productivity rather than artificial lighting. Having skylights can make a difference, huge in fact, in warehouses. You will also notice that having skylights reduce your lighting costs. As always, there is a little cost when you would install them, but you would definitely see a positive impact on your finances in the long run. If you go the extra mile and let your skylights have solar glazing, you can ensure that your warehouse will not overheat.

LED Warehouse Lighting Environment

Natural lighting and lights that automatically respond to human presence are not only great for you financially, but also for the environment. You help out the environment by consuming less energy. You can go a step further by joining companies that use and advocate green energy. Another option you could look into would be investing in your own green energy, this will help you offset costs. Examples of this would be solar energy and wind energy.


Warehouse lighting is key to your company’s success. Adequate lighting decreases your employee’s errors down the line. Your employees will also be healthy and safe in the long run. Advancements in LED light technology will also help out in your finances. You’ll see that LEDs not only consume less energy but help reduce costs in the long run compared to traditional counterparts. With all these facts, there is no reason to not effectively light your warehouses with the bes lighting fixtures that will benefit all parties.

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