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Outside parking lot lights are necessary for any business that wants to keep its customers and employees safe. However, not every outside light is made the same. Choosing outside parking lot lights involves a lot of considerations, such as the parking lot’s size, lighting performance, cost information, as well as other considerations.

Outside parking lot lights are a crucial component of any parking lot. You want to provide adequate lighting for the entire area of your parking lot, from the main entrance to the exits. You also need to ensure that those lights are bright enough so there is no question about visibility.

If you consider installing lights, you may wonder what lighting system will work best for your business. The answer is LED lighting! LEDs are more robust and use less energy than High Pressure Sodium bulbs and Metal Halide lamps as well. LED lights are an excellent option for your parking lot as they are more durable and have a longer lifespan.

Outside Parking Lot Lights – A Few Factors to Consider When Choosing Them

Measure the size of your parking lot

Any business needs proper parking lot lighting, especially if clients continuously enter and exit the building. The right lighting can keep your parking lot secure, more vibrant and well-lit. You must measure your parking lot to get an accurate idea of how many lights you’ll need. The size of your parking lot and a few more details are necessary:

  • The length, width, and height of your parking lot (including its curbs)
  • The number of parking spaces in your lot
  • The distance between each spot
  • Distance between poles or columns supporting overhead fixtures

Think about lighting performance

Illuminance, color rendering index, correlated color temperature, and lighting distribution should all be considered when evaluating lighting performance.

Illuminance measures how much light reaches a specific spot on or near the ground. When choosing your outside LED lights, ensure they provide enough illumination to see what’s happening around you in all directions and distances.

Color Rendering Index: An outdoor LED fixture with a higher CRI rating will produce better-quality lighting because it allows for more accurate color reproduction than fixtures with lower ratings.

Correlated Color Temperature: The term “hue” refers to a light source’s CCT (Correlated Color Temperature). CCT is what we typically refer to as “cold white” or “warm white.” For most parking lots, the CCT range of 3500k to 5000k is appropriate.

Adequate exterior parking lot lighting to ensure its security at all times

The external parking lot illumination is essential for maintaining ongoing security. Using the proper lighting will improve the security and attraction of the parking lot. Our high-intensity LED flood lights use less energy than traditional metal halide or HID bulbs. Safety and security are paramount. The most critical role of outside LED lights is to help highlight any hazards that might exist for visitors or employees.

Consider the external costs

When it comes to outdoor LED lights, there are many factors that you need to consider. These include:

  • The cost of electricity used per year by the light fixture
  • The cost of maintenance and repair of the fixture
  • If you need replacement parts for your fixtures, how much will they cost? This can vary widely depending on what kind of fixtures you use. Once installed, how much does it cost in terms of time and labor input to maintain your system regularly?


The ideal parking lot lighting for your property is LED. They offer several advantages over conventional lighting fixtures and give a high level of security. Consider all the possibilities and designs. For additional details on safe LED lighting solutions, get in touch with Tetrus and we will be happy to help!.