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LED Parking Lot Lights and Poles Advantages


When it comes to parking lot lights, there are many different kinds of options to use. But in this day and age, the best option is undoubtedly LED parking lot lights. There are just too many benefits that outweigh the minimal disadvantages of LED lighting. And the alternative lights that are available for parking lot lighting are nowhere near close to what LED lights can provide. Changing your lighting to LED lights can have a huge impact on your business or establishment. Here are the four big impacts it can provide:

parking lot lights and poles

1. Reduced Energy Consumption

One of the biggest impacts that LED parking lot lights can provide is a huge reduction in energy consumption. It is one of the most well known benefits of using this kind of lighting technology. Parking lot light poles can lower your energy consumption by as much as 80-90%. This is because parking lots are usually a large property that requires a lot of lights and lamps.

If you reduce energy consumption on that many light fixtures, the energy costs of your property can dramatically decrease. If you replace one light fixture that have 4 metal halide bulbs with just one new LED light, you can save up to $300 a year on that one lamp alone.

There are two reasons why LED lights have low energy consumption. One reason is because LEDs need few watts to produce the same amount of lumens as traditional lighting. The second reason is because LED lights convert most of the energy that they consume into light. Traditional lights such as HID lights waste some of the energy because it also produces heat along with the light, and producing heat requires a lot of energy.

2. Lower Maintenance Costs

LED light fixtures can last for more than 10 years without the need or repair or replacement. This durability saves you thousands of dollars each year. Unlike traditional lights, LED lighting does not use a fuel source to produce light. The lights used in LEDs are produced through semiconductors that do not get depleted like other sources with fuel. These semiconductors are very efficient, and the fixtures do not require much maintenance.

That does not mean that LED’s should be left alone completely. You can actually increase the lifespan of your LED lights by inspecting them regularly and dusting them. But this can be done just once or twice every few months. This saves you a lot in costs for materials and labor.

Metal halide lamps lose their brightness quickly and they even take a long time to warm up when they are switched on or if they are interrupted. The more this happens, the higher the likelihood that these bulbs will need to be changed for the entire parking lot. And the cost of that can be substantial.

3. Higher Quality Light

LED lights are more efficient than your traditional metal halide lamps and that means that they produce better quality light. The lights from LED lamps are also better controlled, meaning that the brightness can be directed. This produces a more focused light and an increase in brightness.

Metal halide lamps could only illuminate the cars directly under them, and sometimes, all you can see are the top of the cars. With LED lights, not only do you see the entire car, but you can see pedestrians and their features clearly. You can even see the parking lot lines painted on the asphalt.

LED lighting can also be controlled which means that the light over your entire parking lot can be uniform. What this means is that your parking lot will no longer have those dark spots and bright spots, but a well-lit parking lot in its entirety. This makes it easier for drivers to find the right lanes and to drive through safely across your parking lot without second-guessing the pavement’s surface.

LED light

4. Peace of Mind

One of the most underrated impacts of having LED parking lot lights is the safety and security that it gives to your employees and customers. Having a well-lit parking lot means that there is no threat from the dark areas because there are no dark areas. With LED parking lot lights you can easily see that you and your car are safely under the light.

Proper illumination gives people peace of mind that they are safe when they walk towards their car or away from their car. They can also leave knowing that their vehicle is safe under the lights of your parking lot. While there is no monetary benefit from this, it has a great impact on the people that use parking lot light poles.

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