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Civil Engineers – Join our Affiliate Network Today!

Join our nationwide affiliate network of Civil Engineers! Discover how Tetrus can improve YOUR business and help your customers!

Civil Engineers – Why Choose Us?

Thank you for choosing Tetrus! We understand that analyzing survey reports and planning your clients’ site plan takes up a lot of your time. Plus you have to make sure that you’ll hit your clients’ budget requirement. At the same time, you have to ensure that the materials used for your clients’ project are not a potential environmental hazard. It’s hard to find a partner who is able to understand you and your industry while helping you out in some shape or form.

We can help you hit your clients’ lighting system budget while making them save on their electric bills long term. Also, because we provide your clients with the best quality LED lights in the market, they’ll have peace of mind since their lighting system is eco-friendly.


We’ve been in the industry of making quality outdoor commercial-grade lighting for over 30 years. We know our stuff!


Our LED lights won’t break your clients’ bank account in the long run. Our lights actually help your clients reduce their monthly electric bills by 95%.


LED lights do not have any hazardous materials in its make or design. We provide your clients with an eco-friendly product.


LED lights will help reduce your clients’ lighting maintenance costs.


We can help your clients out with financing if they need or want it.


We stand by our warranties!


Partner with Tetrus

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    Our LED Fixtures

    civil engineers affiliate network

    First and foremost, we simply don’t build LED lights that will only last your client 5 to 10 years. We are definitely not into selling engineered-end-of life LED fixtures. Our LED lights are modular. We are therefore basically manufacturing LED lights which are engineered to last for a lifetime. We don’t go with the trend of just creating a product line which will only service your clients for a limited amount of years period.

    We stand by our own business model — we manufacture our products well and we make sure that we don’t let you or your client down. Because of this, we have invested in developing a design which makes our LED lights serviceable. Your clients won’t have to worry about replacing them when their warranty is up. They’ll be able to save on maintenance costs while enjoying quality lighting. Best of all, we stand by our warranties! When you need us for warranties, give us a call and you’ll hear from us. We take responsibility for our products.

    Our Affiliate Network for Civil Engineers have a Customer-Focused Approach

    When you pick up the phone to call the Tetrus Service Hotline you’ll be able to talk to an actual person. Not an automation. Tetrus is the type of company which will take responsibility for everything, from product design, manufacturing, installation to warranties. If your client even needs financing, we’ll even make that happen. You won’t be hearing this line from us: ‘it’s not our problem’ or ‘it’s not on us.’ We make it our business to be there for you and your client every step of the way.

    We have a network of reliable licensed electricians who install and service our products. This is important to us because we care for your clients’ safety as our product is literally over their heads. Should you need information or help with our products and services, give us a call. You will always hear from us and our partners right away. We got your back.

    Most importantly, we want you to know that Tetrus is an all-American company. Each and every individual who choose to do business with us is a partner. If you would like to be a part of a people-focused company, kindly fill out our application form. We’re looking forward to having you on board and becoming a part of our team!

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    Interact With Actual People


    Interact With Reliable Network of Professionals


    Cashflow-Friendly Financing


    Warranty Honored Every Time