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Outdoor LED parking lot lights

As a parking lot owner or manager, ask yourself: Is lighting your parking lot a big deal? Yes, it most certainly is! Parking lots are where your customers go first before getting to your store. But the big question is when was the last time you actually upgraded your lighting system? An upgrade to Outdoor LED parking lot lights would definitely improve your energy consumption. This basically means that you will also be able to save on costs. We’re not talking about a big-time renovation of your business. It’s basically just retrofitting your existing system to LED lights.


Exterior Parking Lot Lights Benefits


There are some fundamental differences between traditional lighting systems and outdoor LED parking lot lights that you have to take into consideration. But before we delve into that, let’s get some basic facts out. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. This basically tells you how LEDs produce light differently than your traditional lighting system. Some traditional lighting systems use a mixture of fuel sources and filaments to produce light.

However, there are three big issues with this. First, traditional lighting technology produces illumination through heat and not as light. This, therefore, makes your business consume more energy (ergo higher costs). Second, traditional lighting lamps produce multidirectional light. Because of this, these lamps need to have fixtures to direct the illumination it produces. Lastly, having a lamp with a lot of components in it also means that they may be susceptible to a lot of breakages.

Now, how do LED parking lot lights offer to counter these issues? LED parking lot lights do not consume a lot of energy. They have a better ratio in terms of light to heat. They also produce a more directional illumination. This means that you’ll get the same or better light quality at the right spots for your parking lot. Also, LED lights tech is not complex. This means that maintenance is just about nonexistent. And their lifespan is quite longer than traditional light bulbs. They can last four to forty times longer than your traditional lighting system. Now, all these factors make LED lighting systems so much more appealing to use than conventional lighting systems.

What difference will there be?

When you utilize LED lights, you’re bound to get cooler white lights that better represent the natural appearance of the object’s color. You’ll also be able to see the footprint of the LED light. This means you’ll get great lighting quality for less fixtures. When you use LED pole lights versus traditional lighting systems, you’ll see that the wattage is 50 to 75% lower. This way you’ll be saving a lot as your expenses on energy consumption will decrease. We’ve had clients save 95% on their electric bills each month. You’ll be able to free up some cash to pool elsewhere in your business.

Don’t forget who you’re doing the upgrade for as well. Your customers are important to your business and you always want them to feel safe. Having a well-lit parking lot will give them a sense of security. Customers who feel safe will always want to come back and do business with you.

Also, when you’re looking at retrofitting, don’t be intimidated. It’s not as difficult as it seems to be. Yes, you’ll have some replacement costs, but you’ll quickly have a return on investment in around three years. Tetrus would be more than happy to provide you with a return on investment computation for your business, should need one.

Tetrus has served some organizations over the past few years with its switch to LED parking lot lights. We have various services to meet your requirements. We’ll be more than happy to be able to serve you. Should you need our services for retrofitting, kindly contact us at Tetrus.