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exterior parking lot lights


In your home, your outdoor parking lot light fixtures is just as important as your interior lighting. It can basically dictate whether your overall aesthetic will be good or totally awesome. If you know the basic ‘how to’ with outdoor lighting, you can transform your garden into an amazing outdoor sanctuary. You’ll get an amazing outdoor retreat. But having the right light fixtures can also contribute to your security as well by having a well-lit space. Let’s take a quick peek at six steps on how to create your own perfect outdoor sanctuary.


Exterior exterior parking lot lights: How Would I Go About My Lighting Layout?


Look at your space. Contemplate how you can utilize that space. Where would your exterior parking lot lights make the best impact? Where would your exterior lighting capture the essence of your very own outdoor haven? Whether you’re looking to create a pool surround, a deck, patio, secret garden, or what have you, take into consideration your surroundings. Will your strategically placed lights create an intimate vibe that will showcase soft shadows with your trees and flowers? Or will colored lighting create a festive vibe?

Outdoor LED Lights: Will I Need Motion Sensors?

Motion sensors would be a great addition to your outdoor space as well. If you’re walking up a well-manicured path, motion sensors would act as a great guard to lessen tripping. You won’t have the glare of lights constantly on, but you’ll have the right amount of light to lead you around. Another great thing about motion sensors would be they could add as an extra security feature. This lighting feature would deter any robber for sure.

Which Style Should I Get?

There are several outdoor parking lot light fixtures that you can choose from. There are wall sconces, porch lights, and wall brackets. Always take into consideration the overall style of your home. Look at exterior lights that would compliment it aesthetically and give it a homey vibe. Rest assured outdoor LED lighting fixtures are made to withstand harsh outdoor elements like rain, salt exposure, and UV.

How do I make my exterior lights appealing?

There are two ways that you can definitely create appeal with lighting. You can try out bollards and path lights. Remember to space your lights evenly or space them in a way that you’ll get enough needed light. Fewer lights definitely are more. You do not want to overdo it. It will ruin any aesthetic appeal you are originally going for.

Should I get Creative?

Yes! You can play around with accent lights and see how that enhances your area. Look into recessed lights and spotlights to light up pathways, provide up light for statues or plants. These lights will provide great ambiance and highlight some of your prized pieces in your garden.

Which Voltage Should I Use?

Choose low voltages. You want to be safe after all. So safe in the fact that you are able to install these lights yourself. If you’re not into installing the exterior lighting yourself because you’re not into wiring and all that, solar-powered cells may be the best fit for you.

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