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LED Lighting Design System – Customized Layout for Your Location

Our design system delivers the most cost-effective LED lighting layout for your specific location and business!

Customer-Centric LED Lighting Design System by Tetrus

When it comes to LED lighting design system, every location is unique. Thus, your industry, physical location, and number and placement of existing lights influence the design of your lighting plan. Furthermore, your site is unique based on YOUR priorities as a business. Hence, different lighting needs call for different LED lighting design! Therefore, poorly designed lighting layouts equal wasted money on energy and fixture cost.

For example, you may acquire more fixtures than you need or place the wrong fixtures in the wrong place. Consequently, you would be making a more substantial upfront investment than necessary. Additionally, your lights will generate lumens where you don’t need light and consume more watts than necessary. Even worse, you may choose fixtures that cannot provide enough light to make your location bright!

Tetrus| Customer-centric LED Lighting Design

Designing the Right Layout for Your Location

LED Lighting Design

In other words, the right choice of lights is crucial. If you simply replace your legacy fixtures with LEDs of similar lumen output, you are merely replacing one technology with another. Your business would pay less to the power company. However, you wouldn’t be paying as little as you could if you had the perfect lighting layout.

Upgrading to LEDs is about optimizing your lighting plan to be the most effective on both initial investment and long-term savings. So, you need the right fit for your location! And, you must make the most of the extraordinary benefits of LED technology.

Our design team has developed and streamlined a LED lighting design system that allows us to devise the best possible lighting layout. Here are the factors that we consider when we design your LED lighting layout:


Photometric Analysis

Photometric analysis is a most powerful weapon in the arsenal of a lighting expert. As such, photometric analysis is the most precise approach to large-scale lighting projects. We always perform a photometric analysis of YOUR physical location before we start designing your lighting layout so that we:

Measure precisely how muh light a fixture will provide

Determine the height of parking lot lighting poles

Help you spot potential problems with security

Lower your operating costs to a minimum

Show you a perspective you haven’t seen before

To request photometric data for your business type, please visit our get more info page!


Your Business Type

Moreover, each business is different depending on your trade class. For example, a shopping center owner may place more emphasis on lights that enhance curb appeal and draw in more customers. In contrast, a warehouse operator will focus on light that improves employee and facility safety. Hence, we’ve acquired in-depth knowledge of each client’s specific industry. Therefore, we consider every detail that might impact the efficiency of your lighting plan.


Your Priorities

In addition, we seek to understand your priorities as a business. What matters to you most? Is energy saving your number one priority? Is meeting illumination requirements more important than meeting economic requirements? All these aspects are factored in when we design your lighting plan for you, including:

Your budget for the upfront investment

Cashflow-friendly financing

Getting more light in certain areas of your location

Meeting safety and security requirements

Enhancing curb appeal and brand identity

For more information, discover the benefits of LED lighting for different businesses!


Your Physical Location

Tetrus invests time in understanding the illumination requirements entailed by your physical position. You need a certain amount and quality of light when your dealership is by the highway. However, things change when your business is in a preponderantly residential area. The placement of your current poles matters, the layout of your buildings matter! Our design team factors all these aspects in so that you get light where you need it.

The TETRUS Difference: LED Custom centric design for Your Location

You need to get the right fit when it comes to LED lighting design in order to achieve the highest level of energy efficiency. Subsequently, you need us to do the design for you because we care about the things that make your business unique! We seek to equip your business with LED lighting solutions specifically designed to meet YOUR lighting needs.

Above all, we design your lighting plan to be most effective on an initial purchase! Moreover, we design your lighting plan to be most impactful for your location and your specific business! Next, we design your lighting plan to be most effective on the long-term savings. In the same way, we design your lighting plan using a comprehensive set of data, not guesswork!

Lightind design LED

If you are ready to upgrade your wasteful legacy lights to ultra-efficient LEDs, schedule a meeting with a TETRUS specialist!

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