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In the past few years, the world of indoor and outdoor parking lot lighting has been changed because of the technological advances in light-emitting diodes, also known as LED lights. These new lights have prolonged the lifespan of parking lot lamps. They have also decreased energy costs while providing better quality lighting. Here are a few of the undeniable reasons why so many people love LED parking lot lights.


LED Replacement Parking Lot Lights: Energy Savings


For large facilities such as parking lot areas, most of the monthly costs will come from energy consumption. It is an unavoidable cost because all parking areas have to be properly illuminated. And because this is an inevitable expense, saving just a little for each lamp can really mean tons of savings in the long run. With LED parking lot lights, you can save anywhere from 35% to 70% in energy costs. If you are converting from HID parking lot lights to LED lights, your energy consumption will lower from 500-1000 watts to just 50 watts. That could save as much as $300 per fixture, per year, in energy savings.

LED Parking Lot Maintenance Savings

Aside from the savings that you will get in energy consumption, you can also save a lot in maintenance. This is because LED parking lot lights need less maintenance and repair. LED lights generate light in a different way than most traditional lighting. The technology used for LED lamps generates less heat meaning that each lamp will last longer. And the way that LED lights function means that the lamps will reduce brightness over time instead of failing or stopping, which will not only save a lot of time for repairs and replacement but also prolong the overall lifespan of each lamp in your parking lot.

Parking lot Illumination Performance

The performance of a lamp is measured by its illumination or its ability to provide light. In terms of lighting performance, LED parking lot lights outperform all other traditional lights. The light level that is given by an LED lamp distributes light in a multiple-point design. This provides light in a more even pattern on each surface or area. This means that the light levels are higher, even across a distance. The light from LED lamps will also not change as the distance increases from the light fixture. Older and more traditional lamps produce light that has a bright spot, but the light levels will drastically decrease further away from the light source.

led replacement parking lot lights

Color Correction

LED lights are also available in various color temperatures. This means that LED lights can produce from a larger range of “light color temperature”. If you prefer a warmer light or cooler light temperature, or any color temperature in between, LED lights can provide that for you. Some LED lights also allow you to change color temperature whenever you want, even after the LED lamp has already been installed. This means that LED lights provide a wider range of options for brightness, color, and temperature.

Overall Safety

Overall safety is increased with LED parking lot lights. This applies, not only when it comes to pedestrians and drivers, but also in the management of parking lot lights. Having safe and bright lights could lead to a safer parking space and decrease the risk of accidents and injuries. The lights will be brighter and will light up more space for a longer period of time. This increases overall safety for your parking lot space. With LED lights, you get better lighting performance and also minimal maintenance which also improves safety for your maintenance crew and parking lot attendants.

When it comes to performance, LED lights have a better lighting range and color and temperature options. They can illuminate a wider area with better and brighter lights. In terms of benefits, there are so many tangible and intangible advantages to using LED parking lot lights. Not only will there be significant energy cost savings (40-60% savings is a realistic number for parking lot owners), there are also less maintenance costs, and the overall safety of the led replacement parking lot lights is dramatically increased.