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LED Pole lights

Want to know something cool? There’s a story that we’re pursuing that entails the internet, Europe, and LED technology. Have we snagged your interest all of a sudden? We most definitely hope so! We’d like to share a little something that is quite important to share. It’s a total game-changer to look forward to. Here it is LTE and 4G network capable LED pole lights.

This new product is called ‘smart poles’ according to This revolutionary product has been brought to us by Ericsson and Philips Lighting. Both have combined their expertise in high-speed broadband and small cell to produce this pole outdoor light. This product design was manufactured to have an antenna and is driven through increased mobile use. Both companies were eyeing the European countries to use this product, but Los Angeles was actually the first to take on this technology. Should this product be successful, you’ll surely be seeing it roll out towards your area.

LED Pole Lights with Smart Technology – Advantages

This current technology has the ability to make adjustments to luminaire style, lighting color, and pole height. Because of this, the technology will be able to cater to various customer requirements and fit currently installed footprints. Maybe the best advancement of this combo is that it provides mobile phone users access to cell sites even when they’re located in difficult-to-reach congested areas. This is a great concept especially with a rise in mobile phone users by 2020. Smart technology would be the best channel to meet this upcoming rising demand. This product will definitely help improve and expand broadband capacity and coverage.

Why Have Smart Technology and LED Pole Light Combo?

Basically, when you are making new technology, it’s always best to incorporate elements with the best features. Increased mobile usage and great lighting provided by LEDs, which have flexible automation, make for a great combination for street lighting. Traditional pole light systems like HPS (high-pressure sodium) lamps provide a yellowish hue and are quite commonly used. However, this type of lighting eventually succumbs to light flickering which obstructs the color of objects during nighttime. LED pole lights on the other hand provide higher lighting quality, decreased maintenance, and efficiency.

Maintenance and Efficiency

When you’re looking at HPS pole lights, one of the greatest issues is that they consume and produce such a great amount of energy. Because of this excess production, we’re looking at higher costs. This is mainly because traditional lighting tech emits light at 360 degrees. Even when you place your fixture directly where you want your area to be illuminated, there is still a spillover of light in other directions of your area. Also, the energy used for traditional lighting systems is wasted as they use heat rather than light emissions.

LED pole lights on the other hand emit light and disperse light evenly. This makes them more efficient and helps your company reduce costs in maintenance. Since LED lights have a lifespan that lasts about 4 to 40 times longer than traditional lights, you won’t have to maintain them frequently. In turn, you’ll be able to save a lot more. You won’t have to rent special equipment frequently to maintain this fixture on a 15-foot pole SmartPoles can descend to a height that will not require a bucket truck. But even with this feature, LED pole lights will not require a lot of maintenance. This is a great solution for any municipality.

Overall, utilizing Smart Technology and LED pole lights is the best idea to date. LED lighting provides the best illumination for SmartPoles. This is because of their efficiency and reduction in maintenance costs. It is awesome to see how technology is advancing in the lighting world. We, at Tetrus, would be more than happy to help you take a step towards great outdoor pole lighting. Just reach out to us and we’ll do the rest.