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LED Pole Lights


When you’re thinking about a proper outdoor lighting system to light up poorly lit roads, LED pole lights play an essential role. This is because they are the best option to place along roadsides to guide cars. They help cars easily navigate through roads and help avoid accidents that usually occur on poorly lit roads.

Some of the best commercial lighting manufacturers believe that street lights are made so that they are able to hold up multiple LED lights. Basically, this is in order to get the best illumination for a given area. An LED pole light can function in so many ways. They don’t only light up roads but also contribute to the illuminated area’s overall aesthetic.

Pole lights are used in places like garden spaces, landscape architecture, walkways, building grounds, and parking lots. It is therefore a must that they are able to not only blend in pleasantly with the scenery but also be durable, resistant, and strong. So let’s look at four details you should take note of before choosing the right pole light for your needs.

Pole Lights: A Quick Guide to Ensure the Right Choice for Your Needs

There are various heights of poles available in the market today. However, it must be noted that your local lighting professional may ask for a basic survey of your area to decide what is the appropriate pole height for your area. This is mainly to make sure that your area will be able to receive efficient lighting. That means knowing the number of luminaries you will be needing for each pole, the number of poles you will need to install, and luminaire models to use.

The Type Of Mount To Choose

When you’re in your layout planning stage, it is important to choose which mount to use for your lighting needs. But you have to take into consideration the usage of your lights. There are several types of mounts that you can choose from. You can use a direct mount, adjustable mount, fitter mount, or universal mount. These are only a few common mounts that you could consider, but again, it would greatly depend on the usage of the light fixture. Because just like your pole height, your mount is the main component. This is because it is where your light fixture will be installed on.

Wind Speed

Typically, commercial LED pole lights are not installed indoors. They can withstand quite a lot of outdoor elements such as storms, heavy winds, rain and so much more. It is advisable to take the advice of a local professional about wind speeds in the area. Also, do your research and collect relevant information about wind speeds in your area. This is mainly because the information you will collect will help you when the time comes for you to install your poles. It will help determine what size they should be to withstand outdoor elements.

The Environment

When you’re looking at coastal areas, commercial LED pole lights are quite prone to corrosion. This is brought about by the presence of saltwater. Because of this, it is important to utilize top-notch products. You can actually also lookup for additional protection in the form of anti-corrosive coatings for your poles or employ help from your local professionals.


Pole lights have evolved greatly over time. This is because of the growing need to have a reliable source of illumination that will effectively withstand the outdoor elements for a prolonged period of time. Put LED Pole lights in the mix and you’re sure to have an ideal lighting system that will last for a long period of time.